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Gastric Sleeve: Your Questions Answered

Once you’ve decided to have bariatric surgery, you’re faced with the choice of which type. The common types of weight loss surgery each have different pros and cons. Here’s what you ... Read More

Bariatric Surgery Success: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Approach

Healthcare professionals are usually trained in one particular discipline. But, as a patient seeking bariatric surgery, your weight relates to many different areas of your life. Treating one area ... Read More

Obesity and Cardiovascular Disease: It’s never too late to lose weight

It’s been well known for some years that bariatric surgery can reduce your risk of cardiovascular events such as strokes or heart attacks. This data comes from the long running Swedish obesity s... Read More

Dr Lockie's Weight Loss Success Rate Comparison

The whole team here at Dr Lockie's Practice has a strong belief in the multi-disciplinary approach to bariatrics delivering better outcomes for patients. We put that belief to the test with ou... Read More

Information and Strategies to Cope With Uncertainty

Our pyschologist, Dr Michelle Van Vuuren, has been very concerned and mindful of the stresses that the Covid-19 epidemic has placed on the general population and in particular, those who have or had i... Read More

How Your Weight Affects Your COVID-19 Risk

As you probably already know, some people are thought to be at greater risk from the coronavirus. Older people and those with pre-existing conditions like diabetes or asthma are known to be more vulne... Read More

Savings on Insurance Premiums Could Help Pay for Bariatric Procedures

I attended a recent Bariatric Conference and one of the interesting discussions was  the impact of weight and co-morbidities on insurance premiums. Insurance Loadings for High BMI and Diabete... Read More

What losing 40kg taught me about change (Greg, 50)

The following article has been reproduced with the kind permission of St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital publishers of Best Practice Magazine. This is Greg's Journey Before my surgery, w... Read More

Weight-Loss Surgery and Body Image

After your weight-loss surgery, you’ll be slimmer, sexier and more confident – right? Your body will be transformed and so will you – right? Surgery, after all, is the answer to all ... Read More

Metabolism: Is it Really to Blame For Weight Gain?

What Is Metabolism? Your metabolism is a complex chemical process by which your body converts your food and drink into energy. How Does It Work? It’s like an internal engine that never... Read More

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